Not unfamiliar to the highs and lows of the music world, house music can proudly say that it has continuously proven to be an art form that is unafraid to face demands. It has proven this feat through, not … Continue reading

Richie Hawtin_

Richie Hawtin_

Introducing the Oxfordshire (England) born DJ to The House Mason, of course one of Mason Teller’s favourites. Growing up only a across the river from Detroit the birth place of Techno he   grew up surrounded by the genre through exciting … Continue reading


As the man himself said in his self-penned biography, Mosca doesn’t put out enough records. But when you consider he’s released “Bax,” “Eva Mendes” and “Dom Perignon,” few producers can claim as strong a hit-to-release ratio. His latest outing, a … Continue reading


Dusky are London based musicians Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman. As comfortable writing elegant orchestral pieces or stirring piano motifs as they are jackin’ house and epic techno grooves, Dusky’s diverse sounds are united by the duo’s singular aim – … Continue reading

Ricardo Villalobos_

From his early childhood Ricardo Villalobos loved to travel and today he plays his music around the globe. Brown from the sun, and with a four-day beard … Ricardo Villalobos has a certain aura and personality about him that is … Continue reading

Carl Cox_

A professional DJ since his early teens. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno – you name it, Carl’s been there and done it, never losing sight of his passions – playing music, … Continue reading

Presenting. Morrt./House Dj.&* Producer-Check it out

Presenting. Morrt./House Dj.&* Producer-Check it out

Whilst trying to promote the House Mason experience it’s only natural that not only would we have to go back to the roots of house music but we also had to suss out the fresh Talent. Through this haystack of … Continue reading

The House Masons  ?? Mason.Teller. Mason. golDie – How bad do you/we want it

The House Masons ?? Mason.Teller. Mason. golDie – How bad do you/we want it

The idea really off with one question “how sick would it be if we could give people like the sickest/ best night of their lives?” that was it and the answers to it is what created The House Mason. Without … Continue reading