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Various – Bosconi Stallions (Album Review)

The Words “Deep House” are extremely over used in modern EDM , but here to use the words in the mostful meaningful way rounding up there finest of rare breeds for a show-stopping steeplechase, Bosconi is proud to invite the world into there stables toasting 5years of there label to demonstrate the sound they have been rearing for the past few years. Leaping from the stocks in a flurry of high-pedigree house and techno, the Stallions bring forth the values they hold dear in electronic music, from young foals to old stallions they have really done themselves justice.

Various strains of Italian house and techno music has been hitting its stride on the international radar of late, as a wave of producers with fresh ideas bring a renewed sense of joy to a scene that seemed to really lack focus for many years. Berlin based duo The Analogue Cops, the  Nick Anthony Simoncino and his Hot Mix stable and the Early Sounds collective are diverse examples of this new wave of producers and their boutique imprints, however over the years many have overlooked Bosconi Records and the work it does to represent the rich tapestry of quality underground house music beyond their Florentine base.

The most noticeable difference between this and any other deep house album, it’s just how deep all the artists go even by their own standards. There’s a unifying roughness at work, with deep melodic rhythms  the order of the day, but the overall ambience is moody and searching, avoiding obvious cliche beats and big room dynamics for something far more alluring.


01. San Proper & The Clover – Voices
02. A Guy Called Gerald – Thu The Diehold
03. Eduardo De La Calle – Virata Rupa
04. Altered Natives – The Legend of Neglect
05. I.F.M. – Dirty Vibes
06. Life’s Track – Dark Clouds
07. Nicholas – From Somewhere Else
08. Nightdrivers – Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio’s Consolation Edit)
09. Alex Picone – Dry Scream
10. The Oliverwho Factory – Mind Free
11. Nick Anthony Simoncino – Tramonto Techno
12. Brothers In Low – Testacorta
13. Rondenion – Sunrize
14. Riccio – Put The Man Out

Bosconi Stallions Is An Album All House Heads Should Invest Into & Listen Too.

You Can Preview To The Whole Album On Youtube.

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And Here Is The House Masons Number 1 Song Off The Album…..its fucking great.

(Mason Teller)