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Greetings, we back in the mix of things with a July Episode compiled by Soulfreqtion. This session is jam packed with deep house tracks included soulful house from all over the world and most certainly SA.  The one track that sealed this mix was from P-Tempo one hell of freebie we did embed a link not sure what label his under but his stashed with perplexing beats will feature most of them in our future podcast. Quite a number of free promo included in the session from Profound Nation, Nik Carte, Gintonic and for ancestral and tribal house heads we have something aligned for you keep track. Will update regarding ZTOH gigs, events and where you can find us this year via facebook. Peace enjoy the ride

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Track 1: Atjazz &…

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Deep Music & Laws ( Deep, Tech, Soul & Afro Deep) compiled by Soulfreqtion

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[audio http://universpodcast.com/contents/zediantouchnhouse/deep-music-laws-2.mp3]  Its the month Of August and ZTOH is back in the mix of things bringing in some chilled beats lounging on 114 bpm a fusion Soul, Deep and Afro deep Melodies. This…

Life & Death_

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DJ Database – Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk

DJ Database – Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk

Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk born in Chicago Illinois in 1962 is a notable and perhaps one of the most famous DJ’s and Producers in House music or specifically Chicago house. He began mixing in the 80’s going by different number of … Continue reading

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The label was founded in 2000 as a part of the Cocoon Music Event GmbH.The company’s other branches are Cocoon Booking (for Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Josh Wink etc. and Cocoon Clubbing, which organises club events as well as outdoor … Continue reading

Get Physical Music_

The name says it all: Get Physical tracks could hardly be more moving and corporeal. This aspect of physicality also resurfaces on two of the labels key releases: the in-house DJ mix series “Body Language” and a string of double … Continue reading

History of House Music  (Chapter 1.2) – Steve Dahl x Disco Demolition night.

History of House Music (Chapter 1.2) – Steve Dahl x Disco Demolition night.

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