DJ DatabaseXJosh Butler


Coming from Leeds in North England we introduce House Music DJ/Producer Josh Butler. The DJ has been on the scene for quite some time now, raising hype by producing some of house music’s most loved sounds. Initially he started off in the club scenes of West Yorkshire but his career has propelled exponentially pushing him to new heights and now he is  well recognised worldwide. His sound is ever changing but the closest description we have is simply deep house with an emphasis on bases but you would have to listen yourself to come up with a verdict.

1389359156These days he is raising even more headlines, he has been recognised by NME, Mix Mag and DJ Mag who seem to love the DJ. In 2012 he founded his own record label as he spear headed forward with producing at an even fiercer pace. It all seemed to have paid off because he founded his own record label and the first release from the label was nominated for the BBC Music Video awards. We are sure this is on the tip of the ice berg and in the future we expect even more from him.

The DJ has inspired many people and is sure to carry on doing the same for the foreseeing future, definitely one to check out and one recommended by the house mason. Check out his mix on the link below.



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