On the House ( Deep, Soulful, Africandeep, Tech and Progressive house) by Soulfreqtion

Deep Soulful African House

Zedian Touch On House


[audio  http://universpodcast.com/contents/zediantouchnhouse/a-tale-about-house.mp3 ]


Greetings, we back in the mix of things with a July Episode compiled by Soulfreqtion. This session is jam packed with deep house tracks included soulful house from all over the world and most certainly SA.  The one track that sealed this mix was from P-Tempo one hell of freebie we did embed a link not sure what label his under but his stashed with perplexing beats will feature most of them in our future podcast. Quite a number of free promo included in the session from Profound Nation, Nik Carte, Gintonic and for ancestral and tribal house heads we have something aligned for you keep track. Will update regarding ZTOH gigs, events and where you can find us this year via facebook. Peace enjoy the ride

Support the artists click on the track to  get free download or purchase the song.


Track 1: Atjazz &…

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