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Zedian Touch On House

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Its the month Of August and ZTOH is back in the mix of things bringing in some chilled beats lounging on 114 bpm a fusion Soul, Deep and Afro deep Melodies. This podcast consists of underground house from artists across the world, South Africa, USA to Germany including our favorites like Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Detroit Swindle, P-Tempo, Tube, Berger. Shout out to Back Packers SA in Observatory for hosting us a couple nights ago and all those that came through like Kandoro, for the support. By now we quite sure the news about the finicky law implemented By South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) as spread across the national enforced so that Music users and Creators need to have a license in respect to royalties. Well we hope the artists benefit from this legislature greatly seeing that the level of piracy uncontrollable and that Djeeing becomes a revered…

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