Jamie Jones


DJ, Producer and Record label owner Jamie Jones comes very highly recommended by the house mason due to a sound which can only be described as melodic and easy on the ear. Regarded by many as one of the leaders of this new wave of house music which is not scared to push boundaries, experiment and explore new grounds.  Together with his record label Hot creations they have helped create this sound in techno now been described as much warmer, more melodic and deeper; this had led them to popularity. Springing them onto centre stage and making them a very familiar and regular face at some of the most prestige festivals and night clubs around the world, the likes of Glastonbury in the UK and Fabric in London. As if this wasn’t enough the DJ holds a party called “Paradise” every summer attended by thousands each year and critically appreciated by a fans, fellow DJs and critics alike. The years 2006-2009 so him release countless tracks at a furious pace which soon got him noticed by the likes of BBC radio 1, tracks such as “Amazon” in 2006 and his essential mix later in 2009 certainly got him noticed, with his remix of “Flash” by the Green velvets rising up in the charts not only had he marked his stamp in the underground house scene but he had officially arrived on centre stage.


Not one to be ignored he has continued at a furious pace, with the Hot Creations crew at his side they set out to set new standards. They began releasing tracks and remixes rapidly some such as the “Hungry for Power” remix gaining  a lot of praise  even securing the title as song of the year by quintessential.  In 2012 the DJ saw himself voted number 1 on the resident advisors DJ of the year charts and in 2013 he finds himself very high on that list yet again. There is no doubt the neither him nor his label are done breaking records and releasing great tracks just yet, we say keep an out for this one because great things are bound to come from him.



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