Ben Sims_


Today we Honour another one of the nineties kids, part of a group of DJ who carried EDM through its evolutions and successfully watched it grow it something a lot bigger. Introducing Britain’s own Ben Sims, a DJ who entered the EDM arena in the 90’s.  These days he is a well know name on the scene as a record label boss, producer, techno legend and internationally as a mascot for the finest in EDM music but of course he had humble beginnings, starting out on pirate radio stations and underground parties around Essex and London which helped him secure a reputation as a “tight energetic mixer”.


Fast forward to 2014 and the DJ’s resume is very impressive amongst his fellow DJ’s. Over the years the DJ has played at some of the most exciting night clubs such as Fabric & Atom and to that he also adds a long list of festival appearances. As a producer he boasts more than 50 releases and very well received remixes by some well-known DJ’s. As a record label owner he  has had his hand with a couple of record labels but the one that stands out the most is THEORY, the label which  celebrated its 40th release and still stands strong.

His presence is something that very much can’t be ignored and a driving force for the genre is constantly evolving. He has managed to hold his own corner over the years and no doubt he has many more years of success to come.

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