Maceo Plex_


A very popular name in the EDM scene it comes as no surprise that Maceo Plex holds a very high position in the top DJ’s 0f 2013. His fascination with music began in 1990 when the sight of what Resident advisor describes as Circular shaped objects designed for holding disc created from vinyl caught his eye and from then on his imagination propelled him to new heights. The 1990’s would provide a stage for him to show off his talent, feeding off the 90’s rave culture he would charge through this era creating a name for himself by collaborating with some very well-known labels and artists. In the end it was his experimental sense of style which would separate him from the masses and in turn help in creating a sound he would call his own. 2013 came as an exciting year not only touring across the world but also been voted as one of the top DJ’s of the year. A position which the house mason more than agrees is a very well deserved.

.  For more on the bio of Maceo Plex check out :

The events schedule for the Dj seems to be completely packed playing at gigs and festivals up and down the country. Check out some of his dates on:


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