Ben UFO_


“Instrumental in breaking bounderies between UK music’s dubstep, funky grime, a wider array of techno and experimental sounds across the globe” this is just one of the many ways in which Mr UFO is described in the media. The Co-Founder of the Hessle Audio Label  holds respectful place amongst many industry giants and has even been credited for introducing some of today’s top ranking DJ’s and fresh talent onto the scene. His style very distinct has been conjured from experience with a mixture of genres.


His journey began in Leeds where he studied as a student during a time when Drum and Bass and dubstep were experiencing a major shift through their evolution. It is here where he fell in love with DnB & jungle and it’s this which laid the foundations for his passion toward EDM. It is also here where he would meet David Kennedy (aka Pearson Sound) and Kevin McCauley (aka Pangaea) and together they founded the Hessle label with in 2007. At this point dubstep was emerging rapidly, garnering respect everywhere making it the right moment for the trio to make their mark. The label was said to be “focused, spacious and percussion-centric aesthetic to bear on 140bpm sub-bass driven music, via their DJ sets, club night Ruffage and regular shows on Sub FM. UFO’s “DJ sets often bring a swift, impact-led mixing style to bear on house, techno and the various strains of mutant, bruk ‘n’ bass UK techno that have established themselves in recent years. On a club floor his sets somehow manage to be simultaneously considered and raucous, locking into an irresistible four-to-the-floor groove or knocking you for six with unexpected tangents, old favourites you’d forgotten about or brutally bizarre secret weapons”



Without having a major production background, the DJ has managed to come very far in his career. A selector and mixer by nature he has managed to spread his influence on the scene and even landed himself a spot on Rinse FM. His mixes have brought many up and coming DJs to light, DJ’s such as Joy Orbison and Blawan. When asked on his thoughts about the rinse FM show the DJ responded by stating “There’s a real emphasis on new music I’ve just been sent, that we want to showcase, or older records that I’ve just bought. Each show is very much its own show. We don’t really go over the same territory. It will be a markedly different selection and a different feel, and if a track is played again it will be in a slightly different context.” In other interviews he stated that his radio show “opens up a lot of possibilities, and it allows me to take a looser approach, which is always something I’ve liked in listening to radio. The best grime shows, for example, were the ones that had this kind of explosive, unpredictable energy. Obviously my shows don’t sound anything like that, but because of the way I approach music, when I was doing one show a month I couldn’t relax enough to approach radio in the way I would want to. I felt like each show had to represent me completely, but that’s really limiting. I hope that by doing radio this regularly it’ll affect what I do in clubs in ways that I might not expect. I hope it’ll open things up.”

The DJ has come so far in such a short period of time and 2014 looks to be a promising year for him. We are looking forward to hear more of what he has to offer. Check out some of his mixes and other links.

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