Richie Hawtin_


Introducing the Oxfordshire (England) born DJ to The House Mason, of course one of Mason Teller’s favourites. Growing up only a across the river from Detroit the birth place of Techno he   grew up surrounded by the genre through exciting times of its evolution and as EDM grew so did his passion for the music. Hailed for playing an influential role in the second wave of Detroit techno  through the 80’s the DJ has managed to maintain the same buzz proven by his place in the top EDM DJ’s of 2013.


He first began by taking the underground scene in Detroit on with an energy that can only be described by some of his fan as “ecstatic and capturing, you couldn’t help but fall in love with his music”. The underground parties clubs such as Detroit’s shelter soon propelled him onto bigger things, teaming up with his newly found partner John Acquaviva they launched the Plus 8 recordings label which helped in forging that Hawtin sound, the sound which some have even gone as far as claiming this sound may have been the building blocks of what we now call ‘Electro House’.  He went to establish other record labels such as Minus records in 1998 and through his life time has been known by many aliases such as F.U.S.E, Plastik man, Concept , Robot man, Concept Breaker, just to name a few.


After establishing himself as a solid DJ, he went on to do a lot of great things. In Detroit he ran a lot of underground parties for his city, yearly parties at the City Club, sold out shows at The Necto Night club, opening the ceremonies at the 2006 winter Olympics and a successful collaboration album with legendary DJ Sven Vath called sounds of the Third Season. . In 2007 Slices Magazine included him in their biographies called “Pioneers of Electronic Music” which had a 60 minute segment dedicated to the DJ, following his career in the early days and honouring his contributions to Electronic Music.

The DJ now reserves a much respected title in the House music industry as one of the two greats and as the year nears a close it safe to say that 2014 promises to bring great things.

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