Tale of Us_

28edffb2-8cac-4a21-b1a9-a2b9a2246a1fRanking high in the top 10 DJs of 2013 it’s only right that the House Mason Honour these two talented DJ’s with an article of our own. Consisting of members Karm and Matteo the two have taken the EDM scene by storm, breaking barriers causing havoc. Karm born in Toronto and Matteo born in New York the two met in the heart of Milan in 2009 whilst attending the School of audio Engineering. Both dropping out to pursue their careers they began recording together but it was not until a year later that they decided to come together  and become Tale of Us. It perhaps this bond from such an early stage of their production career, which has led to a somewhat natural flow and understanding between the DJ’s combining different sounds which when brought together seem to be in perfect harmony.

There sound is one of the most celebrated these days been credited for its ability to make people dance and induce a deep emotions never failing to make the crowd come alive. Upon listening to their early work it’s hard to distinguish a specific sound or genre for them due to their habits of experimenting with different genres ranging from House to pop, disco rock, techno and many others. It’s this unique take on the genre that made them stand out; you can say they have mass appeal if you wish however it was this same quality that made it a little hard for them to break into the industry.

As they rose to prominence they became under immense pressure to release music at a pace fast enough to match the demand they were receiving from their core fan base. However as part of their culture they have been known for taking their time and rather than releasing unfinished tracks they master and re-master their productions and only release those that they deem worthy or in their own words “we not just going to do one because people want one – we want it to be breath-taking”.

Tale-of-us1In past interviews Matteo has jokingly confessed that he was awful at creating tech house whilst his partner Karm admits to having a couple of bad releases. They marched on producing tracks inspired more by pop music than anything else, although they received some airplay they didn’t really gain popularity among industry heads who deemed their productions not good enough to be released on a dance label. The turning point came when the pair was united with Seth Troxler part owner of the Visionquest who saw their sound to be ‘amazing’.  They went on to work very closely with the label producing their debut album which received good reviews by critics worldwide. It included tracks already circulating such as ‘Barraca Music’, Cocoon’ etc.

Tale-Of-Us tale-of-us-546x311Their live performances have maintained focus on playing records rather than instruments and have had a long list of places which they have played.  The aim of their live performances they say is to create atmosphere taking in everything from enchanting soundscape Sonics to moody dub via bass-house fusions, “we like the atmosphere and the tripy dubsteppy stuff makes for” says Matteo. “It’s less in your face.” Telling a story through their music and creating feelings for their crowd is at the core of what the tale of us legacy is about and it is this art that has transformed them into something of a phenomenal, or simply “you can really feel it inside your head and your heart.”


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