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Introducing to The House Mason and freshly plucked from the grey pavements of their new base Boston, are ‘Comatose’ and ‘Nemectro’, a Connecticut born pair that unbelievably are already being hailed successes in their much loved genre of ‘House Music’. Whilst Nemectro may be said to be the more musically talented of the two, with his honed ability to play the piano with ease, Comatose’s skill is said to lie comparatively in the meticulous organization of overlaying patterns and sounds, ultimately polishing off the tunes created by the duo. The formation of the two artists, however, undoubtedly provides the music world with something inspirationally unique or as their already found fans would say “fresh’.  The House Mason was initially introduced to them by ‘Substance Radio’, a show that once played host to a fair number of talented DJ’s, some of them local. With a shared interest, or rather a passion, for House Music, we at The House Mason were more than keen to get them on board and took little time in securing an interview, asking them a few questions about how they got started and what’s in store for the future.

When discussing the house music scene it became clear that for Comatose there were a lot of experiences of love amongst people when concerning music. He described his involvement in the house music scene as ‘absolutely great’ and something that had been way beyond his imagination, expressing gratitude for his achievements and energy that comes from such a career:

“I think that the best way to really get a feeling for house music is to be there in a venue, not behind the decks, but in the crowd and really feel the energy from everyone. My best memory is from a gig which we attended  to watch A&B  play  and when played “Sun & Moon” it just seemed like the entire crowd including me just beamed with love; it was something that you could feel covering your body. Those are the types of memories that you need to have, and once you do then you will know what I’m talking about when I say that the house scene is awesome!”

This emotional feeling of love and happiness appears to be something both Comatose and Nemectro feel very strongly about. It became clear that there was a very common thread of some kind of ‘awesome’ energy and crowd orientation playing a huge factor in their views of the business. Nemectro went on to further convey the relationship between a DJ and its crowd, as he articulates the orchestration that is needed to create that buzz:

“The house music scene is awesome filled with energy and happiness, as well as love and emotion.  Everyone there just wants to have a good time, just have some fun, and release energy.  I feel like the best way to experience it would definitely to be in the crowd listening to the music.  In this situation you are at the mercy of the DJ performing, in a sense.  They have control over the music and when the energy level keeps rising and rising, because of the tracks they’re playing, it’s always a good time.”

Nemectro was the first of the dynamic duo to try his hand at producing and although it wasn’t necessarily house music it’s clear to hear that he had an ear for music from a young age. Starting off at the age of 12, he made himself familiar with both the piano and the violin. Upon mastering the two he naturally progressed as many artists do, into the production of music. In 2007 his attempts brought little success when trying to beat box and play the instruments at the same time. These difficulties, however, were short lived as he discovered ‘Fruity Loops’; a software that has shown to be popular amongst those in the DJ circuit. Although improvements were being made and his abilities were being enhanced to a standard to be in awe of, he still had the sense that it was somewhat unpolished, almost like something was missing from the equation. It wasn’t until Comatose, who has been producing for a good three years, introduced him to House Music that things really kicked off. Comatose found pleasure in producing house music tracks and although his history with music didn’t back track as far as Nemectro’s, he had fallen in love with the genre.

Individually it would seem that both of these artists had been producing with incomplete formulas prior to collaboration. It wasn’t until their union, that a sound which provided desired results was created. Comatose gave Nemectro his first introduction to House music, a genre he fell instantly in love with. As payment Nemectro in turn introduced Comatose to the fore mentioned ‘Fruity loops’, which we now know would later assist in the organization of collaborative tracks. Due to Nemectro’s heavy music knowledge and expansive awareness of music theory, it seems almost logical that Nemectro’s primary task is to create the patterns. The organization of such foundations lies on the shoulders of Comatose who arranges the compositions in order to create a much more polished and cleaner sound. The two complement each other in a rather flawless fashion, sharing a raw vision for their future on the music scene. It is seldom that The House Mason comes across a pair of individuals who so easily praise one another’s accomplishments and skills to provide such encouragement in each other’s endeavours. It’s no wonder they are progressing along so well.

With Comatose being the first to have taken to the DJ decks, he was able to pass on his knowledge of the art to his fellow producer and supply the guidance Nemectro may have needed, early on, in the art form. This ability to be both a producer and a performer (DJ) is claimed by both artists to be vital to the progression of their music. It gives them a chance to play their tracks in a variety of venues, giving them the much needed exposure to capture a wider audience. According to Nemectro their main goal in performing live is to connect to their audience. An excited crowd, of course, signals that whatever they are doing has worked and obviously, a rather, unresponsive crowd would mean they need to improve. So far, however, things are going well for the pair.

It is the downfall of many producers to mimic a similar style to those artists that inspire them, certainly so in the early stages of their creations. Often it is not until a period of time that the eventual addition of their own style starts to create a new distinct sound. With this in mind, we asked the two producers who it was exactly that inspired them and where their sound originated from.  The answer we received was unanimous and relayed that their style is not really derived from any particular producer. According to the two, they did this with the purpose of creating their own unique sound and felt that the imitation of any other DJ famous or not would contradict this. Nemectro stated that their music is something that comes from their hearts. All the melodies, tunes and rhythms come from what they are feeling and the music is simply an extension of the emotion felt during production. Comatose appeared to be on the same page when stating that it was, often, all about the emotions raised during production and how they continuously attempt to convey those emotions in their music. Saying this, however, an admission to the admiration of artists such as ‘ATB’  and  A&B. Whilst they may admire these artists it can be vouched that none of their style or music sound anything similar to what this drama inducing duo produce. In response to all those upcoming DJ’s awaiting their big chance, Comatose and Nemectro parted us on some pearls of wisdom.

The general census given for any beginner out there is that you should focus primarily on what kind of music you enjoy making. With practice you can discover what kind of music is suited to you and eventually find your own style and sound. The copying or mimicking of other DJs or even producers has been greatly advised against.  People will tend to notice and its obvious lack of creativity would suggest that your inner capabilities are not being reached. It is reasonable, however, to do some research and listen to the work of professional DJs and producers. This will offer a background for the style you would like to make. In order to convey emotion through your music, you must have the artistic license to truly express yourself to make a unique noise, if you make every effort to mimic a particular artist you are only restricting yourself.  Comatose says to follow your heart, it will lead you to what kind of “sound” you have as a producer. It will also lead you to what kind of “presence” you have as a DJ. As a DJ, your presence is something that you will build upon and is significant to whom you are as a person. So there you have it stay true to yourself, follow your heart, keeping working hard and you are bound to capture everyone’s attention. Everyone is unique in their own way, through music anyone can express themselves.

Although it is something they are hoping to do in the future, the duo has not yet performed at any festivals. They do, however, perform regularly in several venues situated in their current location of Boston. Venues have included Rise Night club ranked #42 in the world by ‘DJ magazine’. With regards to their potentially inaccessible Boston base their music and impressive mixes can be found on their Soundcloud channel. Their work can also be accessed through Substance radio and mix cloud.  Links given below.





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