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Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk born in Chicago Illinois in 1962 is a notable and perhaps one of the most famous DJ’s and Producers in House music or specifically Chicago house. He began mixing in the 80’s going by different number of aliases for example Farley Keith, Rude Boy Farley Keith etc.

Farley+Jackmaster+Funk++Jessie+Saunders+Farley+Jackmaster+Funk++JessieThe Hot Mix 5

Farley gained fame in the house music scene by been a member of the Hot Mix 5 a team of DJ’s who played on one of Chicago’s radio station WBMX. The Hot Mix 5 have gone down in house music history as playing a major part in bringing the genre back from the brink of collapse and back  onto mainstream radio. He was also a very popular resident at legendary club the Warehouse which was known for giving house music its name. Popularity from these two gigs got him well renowned name in the house music industry and would propel him to stardom.

Farley takes on Producer

Farley first attempted producing with his first single “Aw Shucks” in 1983 but he didn’t make his mark until his 1984 release of “Funkin with Drums” on the label House Records.  The track went down in history as the first song to set the standards or set a tone and identity to what Chicago House should sound like. He followed this up with other successful singles such as “Jack the Bass”  which introduced to house music the popular dance craze called ‘jacking’. The DJ went on to produce many more tracks in his career collaborating with many popular artists such as Steve Hurley, Kevin Irving, and Darryl Pany etc.  His most successful single came in the form of a remastered version of his single ‘Love can’t turn around’ which in 1986 entered the UK singles chart at #10.

Farley quit house music after becoming a born again Christian in 1990 and pursued a career as a producer in Hip Hop, it was said that he simply got tired of House music. However in the Mid 90’s he returned to House Music and began a global tour which saw regain popularity among house music fans.

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