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The House Mason introduces to the list of Lancaster’s local  talent Southport born 19 year old Nathan Bentley who goes by the DJ name of NafroB.  Beginning mixing in  2010 the young DJ states that  listening to Hard style and Dutch dance music was what first had him looking at EDM from a DJ’s perspective, he says initially that he simply couldn’t get enough of the  ‘stubby’ bass lines.  After going to a few parties (because of the festive season around Christmas) and seeing DJ’s live he decided that’s exactly what he wanted to do but it wasn’t up until  sometime last year in 2013 that he built up his courage to give producing the genre an attempt and for such a short time period the progress he has made is nothing but impressive.

1454436_10201719964475126_1161696420_n  We always ask all the DJ’s we know which musician or artist they currently admire and the one listed by this DJ come as no surprise.  Benga and Skream the dub-step giants were mentioned first, according to NafroB this is because of the major influence that they have had in influencing the evolution and explosion of dub-step. Other mentioned included the legend Pete tong who he believes made the modern day club scene a ‘totally’ satisfying experience and turned it into something he came to truly admire. Calvin Harris was another one mention due to his ability to maintain his skill when it comes to producing differing genres and somehow  manage to pull it all of with such class and consistency.

Asked if those that he admires are the same DJ’s he learnt from NafroB disagreed claiming that whilst these big artist pushed him towards EDM he learnt from a whole different set of artists. One DJ he states learned from is Jaguar Skills. Praising  his uniqueness and ability to chop music up right in front of the audience as something he has always tried to mirror in his sets. His biggest inspiration came not from the EDM genre but from Rock legend and Foo Fighters front man  Dave Grohl,  who he  says is obviously not part of any dance music genre but his stage presence and ability to feed the audience is something  every artist should strive to match up too.

Check Out His Mixes His SoundCloud:

Asked how he feels about the scene for EDM up north he states that at the moment, he feels the scene in the North 1462014_10201719964515127_1478139706_nWest is very heavily Tech and Deep House orientated. It is a lot different to the bass heavy DnB scenes that you find in areas round the South West. Having said that though there are a multitude of very talented DJ’s of all genres in the North and the EDM scene is growing from strength to strength. For all those other DJ’s looking to go the same route the young DJ offers some advice put simply  stick to your gut, trust your instincts and feed off the audience gauging their reaction and playing to their taste.

To watch NafroB perform he can be found at :

Lonsdale College Bar (Throughout University term time)
The Bass Race @ Fiber McGees (28/11/13) –
Check Out His Mixes His SoundCloud:


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