MOSCAMOSCA-HELLOAs the man himself said in his self-penned biography, Mosca doesn’t put out enough records. But when you consider he’s released “Bax,” “Eva Mendes” and “Dom Perignon,” few producers can claim as strong a hit-to-release ratio. His latest outing, a three-track EP on Delsin-offshoot Ann Aimee, sees him move away from that club-ready sound towards more subterranean pastures.

A venture into this genre isn’t the most surprising of moves—house music seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, as the classic Midwest sound is increasingly being pointed to as a wealth source of inspiration by more and more producers. Still, Mosca manages to make his interpretation entirely his own, keeping his rough and tough production qualities completely intact. The producer’s heavily compressed drums and percussion, his hi-fi, almost-mutant synth sounds, and penchant for utterly monstrous low end are all present on his new EP in one form or another.mosca

moscabeatport_121611While it’s been a feature of his Radio 1 and club sets for some time, A Thousand Years’ Wait sees Mosca fully commit to making techno. “It’s Not What It Looks Like” begins with a set of rumbling stabs, which are soon bolstered by pounding kicks, scatty snares and two-tone synth hits. It makes for a bold opening statement. “Kneecap,” with its pummelling groove, razor-sharp claps and deft melodic licks, is the EP’s standout moment, sounding like something Ben Klock might play. For all its forceful energy, “Press Up” doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by the previous tracks, feeling bare and a little tedious by comparison. Save for that, this EP is a strong move for Mosca. He’s managed to strap his own boisterous ideals to the techno template while showing an instinctive understanding for the emphasis the genre places on sound design, repetition and power.

By current standards, Mosca takes his time preparing each of his releases for the world, but with a virtually flawless discography to his name, no one is about to tell him to speed up the process.  Mosca has again put together an effort that balances forward-thinking production, expert musical craftsmanship, and continued genre exploration into surefire dancefloor heat, further solidifying the fact that every Mosca release is bound to be worth the wait…


Tracklist: Mosca – A Thousand Years’ Wait

A. It’s Not What It Looks Like
B1. Kneecap
B2 .Press Up


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