History Of House Music (Chapter 4)- DJ Ron Hardy x The Music Box


After The Hotmix 5 took House music from pirate radio stations to a mainstream stage it seemed like everything was going perfect for house music. An increase in the popularity of the genre saw more and more new talent take on the responsibility of elevating House music towards its next chapter. The increase in competition saw DJ’s start experimenting with new sounds in order to stand out among others. House music was at this stage still closely related to Disco and it was not until DJ’s began to add drum sounds that it truly started taking shape and gain its own identity. This led to more airplay for the genre and a brand new fan bass with young people who were eager for the brand new sounds and the new spot to hang out and enjoy their music.



In 1983 a new club was opened in the heart of Chicago called the music box, headlined by DJ Ron hardy who’s intensity was simply said to move people. Dj Ron Hardy born 8th May 1958 would come to be known as one of the originators of the house music that we know today, with a mixture of soul, disco and funk he would lay the foundations of what would later be known as Chicago deep house. It was said that fans would go to the music box screaming we want that Ron sound and so he came to be known by his own distinctive sound/style. Rob Hardy unlike many DJ’s at the time ditched the soft and slow sound and instead added a bit of speed to his tracks taking his listeners on a ride only he could pull off. To add an even deeper sense of individuality the DJ would experiment by playing his track backwards (turning the needle upside down and putting the record on a cylinder so the needle played the underside of the record). He would open every single night with the song welcome to the pleasure dome which was amongst many of his songs. House music was moving forward and the DJ was leading the way. Sadly DJ Ron Hardy has now past but will always be remembered in the history of house music as one of the true greats. End



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