The Venue- The Friary x The House Mason

The Friary - Lancaster

The venue which we will be using is a beautiful building called The Friary. Located on 116 St Leonards Gate Lancaster, The Friary is a 18th century converted church which usually plays host to the local residents of Lancaster and is known for its chilled environment with cheap drinks. We approached the friary because of its location and size. Been in the town center it is easy to get to and having two floors and the capacity to fit a mass crowd the friary will serve as the perfect location. It truly represents the brilliance of the architecture in Lancaster and has served as a local relic for centuries.


They have opened the door for us and allowed us to hold this event based on a mutual agreement on terms in order to create a truly memorable event for everyone attending The House Mason. In order to create something epic for everyone we will be improving the sound system (more bass), improving the lighting (Darken the room and throw in some razors), cheap drinks and bringing in some sick DJ’s). The Friary is a truly beautiful and epic building and we will do it justice.

Just let your imagination run wild on this one !



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