Dj Database_ Andy James (Talent from Lancaster)


Lancaster although small is still a great city and it  hosts a great number of talented House DJ’s. Among these is 23 year old Andy James who was born in the city and has lived in this city his entire life. When asked why did you start producing? We were astonished to find out that he had only first laid his hands on a set of decks 2 years ago, later on started mixing and the obsession with the genre started when he made his first trip to the festival creamfields. Having no friends that were particularly into the music genre he found it hard to find motivation but with a little inspiration and support from those close to him he said this propelled him and gave him the energy to carry on moving forward with his passion.

His style of production has some obvious influences and some maybe not so obvious. Asked who as he a DJ inspired him the young producer is taken all the way back to Deadmau5’s first studio album which he states had a major influence in giving him that well needed push, even though we would have liked it better if the first track he purchased ‘Wheetus-teenage Dirt bag’ was his biggest inspiration (jokes Mason Teller).


When asked which Dj’s he admires the direct answer from the young DJ was “I have a lot of admiration for many Dj’s from all over the world but my biggest admiration has to be for the guys at ViVa Warriors Steve Lawler & Darius Syrossian they’ve been in and around the scene for years Steve started off in the early 90s throwing raves under a motorway bridge when he was 17. Viva warriors parties are amazing it’s an underground haven the music is amazing the crowd interactions amazing and the atmosphere is something else, it’s all about the music and that is the way it should be” and The House Mason very much agrees.

True talent from Lancaster and the House Mason is looking to promote more just like him. To all those starting out in EDM production he says that of course it is going to be nerve racking  because at one point you  will be the center of attention standing their controlling the crowd but if you have the passion for the genre you should definitely give it a go because you are already halfway. The Northern EDM scene he states off course is big we have cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool live and kicking but as for Lancaster we need more. The young DJ is a true talent and The House Mason more than recommends him, check out his music on some of the links below.

Guest Mix for The House Mason:

Random Disclaimer: His favourite sandwich and cartoon – Ham Hock and Sweet Onion Chutney Sandwich and a bit of American Dad


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