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chip_e_rivieraHouse music in its time has sprung out a lot of talented Dj’s but perhaps amongst those that deserves to be honoured is Chip E whose real name is Irwin Larry Eberhart II. The Chicago born Dj started mixing records at the age of 16 within two years he had already moved on to producing his own records. He was progressing at a very fast pace through the industry and catching everyone’s attention from radio station to critics and in 1985 when he was only 19 he had already gained himself the title of ‘God Father of House music’ declared by Street Mix Magazine. His reputation and reach went even further when he became the first Chicago DJ to have regular rotation on 3 popular Chicago radio stations WBMX, WGCI and B96. His presence on these radio stations only extended his influence and popularity among house music fans and other DJ’s alike

Chip+E+trax_studioChip E is also credited for kick starting many House Dj’s careers and perhaps the most impressive one of the all been the legendary Frankie Knuckles who he helped produce his classic track ‘You can’t hide’. The Dj carried on progressing but perhaps what stopped him from reaching his full potential was a contract with D.J. International which he despised so much that he refused to produce anymore tracks until the contract was over. Regardless the DJ went on to have a flourishing career and goes down in the history of house music as one of the biggest influences. goLDie.


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