The history of House Music (Chapter 3) _The rise back to the Spotlight x Hot Mix 5 (WMBX)


When House Music first got its name it was simply a name used to describe the music that was played at the warehouse but as it grew the genre would see itself transform into something bigger. The return to popularity of the genre saw many young and upcoming DJ’s take on the challenge of pioneering the music, forced to become more creative House Quickly saw itself leave its disco ways behind and find its own identity. The first sub genre to obtain its own signal sound was Chicago house said to “have a tight blend, everything even and music not mixing vocals on top of vocals” all in effort to create something new. This new fame of the genre saw a rise to fame of such artists as Steve silk Harley but it wasn’t until WMBX radio gave it center stage on their radio station that the genre really took off.

Hot Mix 5


After the disco sucks campaign House Music had found itself kicked off radio stations receiving little to nothing airplay it is this that pushed it back to the Underground. Hot mix 5 was a DJ’s group from Chicago founded in 1981, the group consisting of 5 DJ’s  Farley “Funk in” Keith, Mickey “mixing” Oliver, Scott “Smoking” Silz, later replaced by Julian “Jumpin” Perez. As the group grew in popularity they quickly found themselves hosting one of WBMX’s most popular shows ‘Saturday night live aint no Jive mix’. Been fans of Disco and House music the set of DJ’s would have Chicago based Dj’s send in their mixes for them to be in their weekly mix, this saw the House Music DJ smash straight back on to mainstream radio and back into people’s houses. The Hot Mix 5 have been credited for been one of the biggest influences in the evolution of how music and for bringing it back to center stage.  Their style was said to be unique from many other radio DJ’s because they played their sets similar to the way a club DJ plays a set. Rather than playing a track for 5 minutes and then at the end finding a track which mixes in perfectly they would take a minute of one song sampling only the best parts and mixing into something which involved only the best bits from everyone’s favorite tracks. This style of mixing kept the listeners engaged removing the boring bits and offering them only the best parts of each track. Its their unique sense of mixing at the time that brought them to the lime light and elevated them to legendary status in the history of house music.  They have also been honor by having streets named after them in Chicago. In the History of House music they were responsible for raising House Music out of the underground and back onto center stage. The End.goLDie.


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