History of House Music (Chapter 1.2) – Steve Dahl x Disco Demolition night.


After the sudden explosion of disco on the music scene it was thought by many as a wave that would slowly catch everyone in America however with most success stories there is always something in the background trying to stop the progress of a revolution. For Disco the undeniable parent of House Music this came in the form of radio personality DJ Steve Dahl who in 1979 ran a campaign called ‘Disco sucks’ in an attempt to rid the USA of the music genre.The campaign which started off as a Dj having a rant on his radio show about how some of his favorite rock bands such as Led Zeppelin were been slowly pushed out and given less radio play than  disco tracks soon escalated into something bigger. Steve Dahl would have fans of his radio show send in requests of disco tracks which they would want destroyed which he would pretend to destroy using explosion sound effects.

With the help of failed guitarist Steve Veek Dahl managed to organise and event in Comiskey Park owned by his father which was also the pitch for the Chicago White Sox. On 12 July 1979 59 000 people joined Steve Dahl in what would come to be known as disco demolition night. Although the rally did receive its criticisms for been not only racist but also homophobic the campaign still had a significant effect on the Disco industry. The after math of disco demolition saw a drop in Disco record sales which in turn made record labels turn a blind eye to the genre, disco disappeared from the radio and returned to the underground where it first started. Steve Dahl’s victory was all but short lived because this would only lead to the birth of House Music.



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