The House Mason _Defined


The House Mason is defined* The House Mason is not defined by the popularity of the artist but more the art behind the music. To be a House Mason its not about selling your soul but more about the soul of the music. Deep house, acid house, Chicago house, soul house, THE DJ, THE RAVER, THE SCENE. The House Mason is adored and loved by those that understand the laws that govern the idea of freedom and a passion for music. The House Mason mentality allows you to sack off all rules and create brand new ones, YOUR OWN. The House Mason an illegitimate child of a generation force fed repetitive music with little if not no effort. They are taking the piss. Our war on pop culture screams out the mentality ‘its not just music, its a way of life’. Its a long walk to change but if you believe in The House Mason you too can own that dream. The House Mason, cutting out the bullshit and giving you exactly what you want, WHAT YOU NEED.


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