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svenvathBorn 26 October 1964 In Obertshausen, Germany Sven Väth is a Frankfurt-based DJ who has produced an MA-HUSIVE range of work since his career began back in the early 80s. 1985, he was part of the Known pop Group O.F.F (Organization for Fun) Who released the Track “Electrica Salsa” in 86′. He was also one of the founders of trance music labels Harthouse and Eye Q, as well as being among the first DJs to play trance records. In 95′ The Hit DJ Read Mixmag rated his album “Accident in Paradise” As one of the top dance albums of all time (having listened to it again earlier today we agree).  Since he began DJ’ing at the famous Dorian Gray club at the age of 18, Sven has created ripples through the world of electronic music in many ways: as owner of the clubs OMEN and Cocoon Club; and perhaps most importantly, as the godfather of Germany’s trance and techno scene since its inception in the early 90s. Sven, like no other person in electronic dance music, has the ability to expose underground sounds to the mass population. His 14+ hour sets are the stuff of legend, Sven  is truly one of the driving forces behind modern electronic dance music.sven2_1732394a His label, Harthouse, is responsible for unleashing many widely known and highly creative artists, including SpiceLab, Hardfloor, and Speedy J. As a DJ, his legendary marathon sets have received acclaim around the world. In addition, Väthcreates his own innovative music (which trance slags love the most), Although looking like a classic bond villain Sven Väth is one of the most popular proponents of German trance techno during the early to mid-’90s through both his recordings, epic-length DJ sets and his ownership of the Harthouse family of labels, Sven Väth reserved his mid-’90s full-length albums for epic-length concepts that did nothing to bolster his standing in the sometimes consciously unartistic dance community.

All in all this guy is a pioneer a legend and a man who should be recognised for the pure beautiful music that he creates and he will be DJ’ing parties until he his unable to physically operate a turntable – and even then he will be doing something innovative to propel electronic music into the new era..

The track below is from The Harlequin, the Robot & the Ballet Dancer Album this is the definable point where Väth’s visions of a classical-inspired concept album began to struggle under the weight of his symphonic inclinations. After a five-minute Intro, the rest of the album is concerned with the three figures stated in the album title, with 20-plus minutes devoted to the first and last, while the Robot gets only ten. Väth is a solid producer and there are several Amazing tracks on this album.

Sven Vath_

1: Intro
2: Harlequin Plays Bells
3: Harlequin – The Beauty and The Beast
4: Harlequin’s Meditation
5: The Birth of Robby
6: Robot
7: Ballet – Romance
8: Ballet – Fusion
9: Ballet – Dancer

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