History of House Music (Chapter 1) -Dj Larry Levan x Paradise Garadge


As with all genres of music there is always a trace as to the roots and where it all began. House music is one genre that finds itself imerged in a lot of influences from different culture and backgrounds and perhaps one of the most notable or obvious influence is Disco. Disco in its infant stages was not very popular in the clubs of America and was a niche genre closely related to the African Americans and also the gay community. Itching to get itself noticed it was not until the release of Saturday night fever starring John Travolta that middle America really got a feel of what disco music really had to offer. It wasn’t long before the “fever” spread all over America and a new generation of youth came in numbers enjoy all that it had to offer.

Seen an opportunity to create some great Michael Brody and Mel Cheren open Paradise Garage in 1976 hosted by DJ Larry Levan.Larry Levan is perhaps one of the first pioneers or the dance and electro music, widely cited by many House Dj’s as a true inspiration. He began his career supporting a Dj know as Frankie Knuckles, drawing his influences from him and other dj’s such as David Mancuso. The young Dj was quickly creating a hype in the club scene but it was not until the opening of Paradise Club that he truly got his chance to showcase his potential, the stage was open for him to give back all he had. the club quickly gained a reputation as one of the best clubs in New York city and with it gave DJ Larry Levan his legendary status. Fans came in the hundreds to watch the DJ complimenting him on his unique style of mixing disco’ make it more exciting by mixing different rhythms, held by many of today’s house DJ’s as a true inspiration. End.


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