Hot Natured – Different Sides Of The Sun

Hot NaturedA dance supergroup might seem an unusual concept, seeing as any of the individuals who comprise it would be capable of making there tunes entirely by themselves. Hot Natured are made up Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C and Ali Love. All four are acclaimed producers, DJs and musicians in their own right but their coming together as one has the potential to take things to another level completely, there debut gig together sold out London’s Brixton Academy – is therefore more of a shared enthusiasm, one for the sounds of classic, balearic-influenced house. Different Sides Of The Sun tries to show Hot Natured as pop stars. But despite whatever false alarms “Benediction” may have signaled, the album makes clear that they’re really not there yet. The Connection the artists obviously have with there music and with eachother is apparant as the album flows between tracks and really lets the listener understand what Hot Natured Are About.

After following hot natured for some time and purchasing the Isis release, which did not disappoint, I can only say that this album will be very very good and a hard one to beat.

Check out Below For The Tracklist & One Of Hot Natured New Releases_


1. Operate (feat. Kenny Glasgow)
2. Isis
3. Reverse Skydiving (feat. Anabel Englund)
4. Different Sides
5. Benediction
6. Forward Motion
7. People Change (feat. S.Y.F)
8. Take You There
9. Planet Us
10. Tightrope
11. Mercury Rising (feat. Anabel Englund)
12. Alternate State (feat. Roisin Murphy)
13. Detroit
14. Physical Control
15. Emerald City (feat. Anabel Englund)



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