Noox_LaNcaster’s OwN- Tattoo>Graffiti_Art*Art*ARTISt


Lancaster although small and so underrated I’ve always thought holds residence to many different talents. ENTER NOOX. The artist born April 1st 1988 in Lancaster itself boasts a number of talents including street art/graffiti, beat boxing and also been an up and coming tattoo artist.  When asked when and what inspired him to go towards this direction it seemed that it was not so much art itself but more culture, music and just his way of living and his own sense of style.  Skating, Jazz, hip-hop, indie, 80’s and 90’s documentaries about DJs, break dancing and Graff were amongst many of his influences. And perhaps what enriches his art is not only his obsession to detail but also variety and the diversity in his influences.


The artist states that whilst Lancaster provided the foundations which helped build his love for art early on, he felt he had to move to Leeds university due to the fact that it provided a better stage to really explore his talents due to the fact that Leeds has more of a scene for different types of music, tattoos, Graffiti and Skating. Although he left his beat boxing days behind at University he carried on pursuing art studying Multi Media SFX & Animation with the dream to secure a job with either dream works or Pixar. When things didn’t work out as planned he returned to what he knew best and this was street art.  Using more of a stencil style which he thought was quicker and added a bit more toward the detail.


Stepping out onto the stage the young artist is starting to get more notice for his work from notable graffiti artists around the world. His own creation HACK_LIFE has become somewhat of an instragam tag sensation and he is constantly been asked to design flyers, logos, posters and many other forms of art by companies and individuals.


The House Mason believe in a sense of individuality, a style that can’t not be matched by anyone else and speaking through music, art, fashion and sense of culture. We are excited to work with this artist because his art represents just that, personality, freedom and a somewhat FUCK YOU kind of statement to society its rules and the dickheads who made Katy Perry Famous ha!


Check out his work on instagram: tag hack_life


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