The QuNexus (new tech’s check this one out)


Introduced qt this NAMM show the QuNexus introduced by the company KMI (Keith McMillen Instruments). This beautiful instruments sets out to be a major competitor in its market offering a ton of very impressive features. Reviewers stated that jot only is it superior in quality but it is also a

compact machine,easy to use and also easy to carry which am sure many DJs would agree is a great advantage. On the subject the machine has rubber keys, increasing its sensitivity and is said to respond very well even to a soft touch meaning less effort is needed when pushing the buttons for DJs.


Another concern for DJs when picking equipment of-course has to be connection to other equipment. The QuNexus covers this very well by offering a users a link via USB and the ability to transmit and receive MIDI. It also offers other output option such as three 3.55 millimeter jacks.

It is no doubt that this is an impressive machine and one worth investing in. We are excited about it and if you are a future DJ so should you


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