“I need more Drink5&Lesslights-_&that american apparel girl in just tights”


Is it spelt glamour, I think. YEH.  Suppose the reason I am attracted to this brand is because just like the idea of the House Masons it started from a simple idea by a young person who made it a reality and that inspire me because am trying to do the same. The brand itself was started by Canadian Dov Charney during his freshman year of 1989 at Tufts University. The brand has now expanded rapidly across the United States of American and into other areas of the world.


This is the vision that we have for the House Mason. Many people overlook such achievements and think people fall into success through luck but the story of Dov Charney if read into more depth suggests just like many other stories of success that it takes dedication and hard work. The House Mason is our vision, the late night planning and working and promoting is out dedication and this vision coming to life will be our dream coming true. Join us in making the House Mason coming to life and explode all over the world!!!







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