Check it out. Designer J.W. Anderson’s fall 2013 collection. BluRringTheLines@#Boy MeetsGirl


Born in Northern Ireland in  1984, J.W.ANDERSON (JONATHAN WILLIAM ANDERSON) studies menswear at the The London College Of Fashion,graduating in 2005.The label  J.W.ANDERSON was launched in 2008 with a men’s collection. At the beginning of 2010  JWA launched a capsule collection for women at the behest of fans of the menswear.  The women’s quickly achieved critical and commercial success and from February 2011  has been shown on schedule during London Fashion Week. Through his origins menswear,Anderson continues to explore the relationship between boy and girl and blurs  the lines of gender in each of his collections. Anderson lives in London where his studio is also based. Winner of the British fashion award 2012.


Here are some of the designs from his collection

hbz-JW-Anderson-lfw13-01-lgn hbz-JW-Anderson-lfw13-04-lgn J-W-Anderson-423 JW-Anderson-Campaign JW-Anderson-Campaign-1 JW-Anderson-Default jw-anderson-pre-fall-2013-06_123757360566 JW-Anderson-RF13-2903 998691_10152080526749569_1874439428_n


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