stOp CYBER bullying. 2 girls take their own lives as a result.


I was watching a news story about two teenage girls who took their lives due to ciberbullying and the fact that no one address this issue as much as the indifference towards this evil is ignorance at its worst and should be addressed. Shannon Gallagher, 15, from Co Donegal  took her own after her own sister took her own life because not only was she been bullied at school but she was also been taunted by bullied on a social networking site. The news story was covered but not enough in my opinion.

Social networks have been looked at as a place for people to interact and make new friends however people tend to over see the dark and terrible side of the social networking boom. It seems like another kind of evil has taken advantage of social networking sites. The common bully. The only reason this keeps on happening is because people turn a blind eye towards it. You may not be the bully but if you let it happen then you are just as bad yourself. If you notice any ciberbullying you should take some sort of action, report it or confront the person otherwise things like this will keep happening.



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