Presenting. Morrt./House Dj.&* Producer-Check it out

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Whilst trying to promote the House Mason experience it’s only natural that not only would we have to go back to the roots of house music but we also had to suss out the fresh Talent. Through this haystack of needles we discovered one DJ who amongst many stood out. Enter MORRT, Derby’s own home grown Dj. At the age of 19  the Dj seems to be doing everything right which can be proven through his tracks, our favourite been his latest one “want me” which surprise surprise is also his favourite and will no doubt be yours.

Eager to discover more about the Dj and have him play at the opening night for the House Mason event we got in contact with him via email and asked him a few more questions just so you can learn a bit more about him. Seems like the young Dj has taken inspiration from all walks of music, stating himself that “at one point I liked all types of music” and that he took inspiration not only from DJ’s such as Annie Mac who gives credit for been someone that he admires but also the chart topping Disclosure. It seems like his taste for house music was only heightened when he began listening to more of the underground house scene or in his own words “my knowledge grew the spectrum got wider and unheard of artists became more of a lesson. If that makes sense” << we agree.

When asked how he feels about the current state of the House Music scene the Dj simply stated “It’s a massive genre with thousands of different types of house styles. It’s always growing as well. My personal opinion is that it’s the best genre in music because it’s so diverse but that just me” << again we very much agree.  You should also check out some of his favourite music which includes Had Storm Queen – Look right through (MK DUB III) Annie Mac, Benga, and Eats Everything. When asked where his fans will be able to find him he simply stated that he has massive things later this year and also in 2014 and off-course you will be able to catch him at THE HOUSE MASON event late this year.

In conclusion a great Dj with a taste for great music, a clear vision and image with finely defined tunes. No doubt in a couple of years his name will be plastered everywhere. We are looking forward to bringing him to Lancaster and we hope you enjoy his music too.  For more from MORRT check him out sound cloud, like his Facebook page and follow on Twitter on the following links:





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